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Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Monday

My challenge this morning is to track down bureaucrats and board members - yes, I have left messages and no the calls have not yet been returned.

Deep breath. I will get hold of them and the stories will come together and be done on time. It always works out - always.

I am persistent.

And so the day will be like any other Monday. I have a feature to write this afternoon and once that is done my Monday will become joyful because Tuesday can't be far behind. There are times when I am fascinated by the pattern of my days. I know it's not just me. We all have these patterns. I suspect most of us say we don't like them but underneath it all, I suspect we do.

Even though I am (semi) retired, I have kept my pattern. Monday is the start of the week and it tends to be a day to just "get through." Tuesday is better because new movies and tunes come out on iTunes (honestly - that is one of my measurements of the weekly ebb and flow.). Then Wednesday is hump day - hurrah! Thursday mornings - I love Thursday mornings. That's when I get out of the house to do my shopping and any other errands. Friday - well Friday is the beginning of the weekend so it's a great day! I'm still treating my week exactly as if I was still working full time. And of course, there are some weeks when it feels like I am working 9 - 5.

But I set it up this way. This must be the way I like it, right?

I'd better just admit that I love my life exactly the way it is. And that I am grateful to have it just the way it is.

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