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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Almost Friday

Did I hear someone say March 1?

Did I see sunshine today? Spring maybe?

Better yet - is it almost Friday.

It's been a crazy week but today was lovely. Two features today kept it all down to a dull roar. Little things - tiny things make me happy. Like going to the tailor today and picking up my new hemmed pants and having the length just right. And knowing that tomorrow I can pick up two more pairs of hiking pants and know they won't be dragging through the mud any more either.

Happiness is finishing the working and day and catching up with American Idol. This year, so far, I find the male talent more interesting and varied than the female. Too much Adele copycatting.

I downloaded two movies to watch this weekend - "The Way" and "Hugo" so I expect to be massively entertained.

Life, in other words, is good.

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