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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Find Your Passion

I watched a TED talk this morning

All about finding your passion and making it your career - and the reason we don't and the excuses we give ourselves.

I thought about this on my walk with Abby this morning. At this point in my life I ask the question "Have I lived my passion?" Rather than will I or am I?

Although I think I should give more consideration to the last two.

At any rate, I thought about my life. I could have had a career in banking and in health services - and in rock 'n roll. I know - pretty disparate - but they all came up at one time or another.

Instead I have had three careers: one in film, the second in personal development and the third - writing. Were any or all of these my passion? For the most part, I would say yes - but it's a qualified yes. Certainly I was aware early on that I would have to do something creative with my life. So - film. I believe this was my first and most enduring passion. If I had it to do over again, this is what I would go back to (I think).

And I say, "I think" because when I was a wee little thing, what I wanted to do most was write. But if I carve it even finer to the bone, it's not really making films or writing books or articles - it's telling stories.

I think for me the medium of film has worked best for telling stories - I like beautiful things and there's something magical about taking beautiful pictures and telling stories with them. At least, that is a large part of how I see film. Hugo was recently a prime example of this.

I never took my passion as far as I could have. What came up instead? A lot of things - relationships were a big factor in undermining my single-minded pursuit of career. Lack of confidence - and that goes back to childhood.

On the plus side, I took it to a place where I routinely lost track of time and was totally and utterly absorbed in my work - and that is the point - not the awards or recognition but the abandonment of self.

Writing is something I will have the rest of my life. I am fortunate. Writing may not be quite as magical for me, but it runs an awfully close second. And travelling and hiking and being in beautiful nature and loving my Abby. I am blessed.


  1. As somebody who feels he knows you pretty well, Goody, I think you have yet to find your voice. Investigate and demonstrate your many talents, yes. But find your voice? Not sure about that. When you do find it, which could be any minute, watch out world. :-)

  2. thanks, David - I trust your feedback - as you well know....