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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Babies and puppies

Okay - there aren't a whole lot of things cuter than puppies (as this picture of Abby at eight weeks old will attest) but babies sure do run neck and neck.

I had the great joy this morning of catching my first glimpse of M & C's new baby - I think he is now three (four?) days old. And while it's true that most newborns aren't all too pretty, this one is gorgeous! That, of course, is because he looks like his mother.

Naturally, he cried when his mother placed him in my arms and he went right back to contented sleeping as soon as I gave him back. But then, as I said at the time, I would cry too if I was holding me.

Seriously he is unspeakably beautiful. His perfect little fingers and toes leave me awestruck! So glad I'm his honorary Oma. New mom and dad, baby and big hairy (adorable) dog are nestled in their little family cave. It's a shame they ever have to come out.

I'm also surprised that the happiness vibes of that little house haven't yet enveloped the entire city - or maybe they have. Have you noticed that you've been feeling more love and joy in the last few days?

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