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Saturday, December 10, 2011


The big ouch has subsided to a do-able ow.

My secret recipe for back pain relief is the exact opposite of what all the medical experts tell you - drugs and bed rest. Sure - do that if you want days and weeks of pain. My secret is no drugs and move as much as possible.

Oh sure, when I set out on my hike this morning it wasn't what I would call comfortable and I probably looked a bit odd bent over and teetering along like a doddering old lady of 95. But within 20 minutes I was walking upright at my normal pace and the pain had subsided into just enough of a twinge to let me know it was there and to stop me from doing anything stupid that would hurt me more.

And this is where I appreciate pain - it lets me know the boundaries of what I can and cannot do to aid my healing. Painkillers will numb those boundaries and I could very well make a movement that will jeopardize healing.

When I got back to my car three hours later I was feeling fine. And I'm going to go out again in an hour and move some more. I don't want my back to stiffen.

Being outside and moving - what I call my "moving meditation" is as necessary to me as breathing. It tends to put everything in perspective. As I said to Abby as we were walking. "You know, right now there are thousands of people fighting their way through overcrowded malls spending money they don't have on things people probably don't need or want. And here we are, hiking in this lovely forest. Aren't we just the most fortunate two beings on the planet?

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