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Sunday, December 11, 2011


I could write about my concerns about our increasing facist/police state and the state of the economy...

Or I could write about the beautiful sunny day - I think I shall do the latter.

Lovely surprise this morning. As I was driving to Yellow Point Park to walk with Abby, my friend, J called "Do you want to walk?" So I parked at the park and waited for her and her dog to arrive and fifteen minutes later we were hiking. So much more fun than going alone, especially so much more fun with the dogs.

I never get bored while I'm waiting either - not as long as I have my iPhone and access to ring tones. I know - I could just play Angry Birds like normal people do but no, I find it more fun to listen to hundreds of possibilities for new ring tones and then downloading one or two new ones. It really takes so little to keep me amused.

And yes, I do have a new ring tone now - a particularly clever one in my humble opinion.

My back is better - much better. I am actually walking fully upright. Exercise (again in my humble opinion) is the cure for almost everything - that and chocolate.

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