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Thursday, December 8, 2011


I am increasingly disturbed by what is going on in our world. I pray that the occupy movement really and genuinely takes root and that it wins.

Just this week alone - the US Senate passed a bill with a vote of 93-7 to allow any American Citizen to be taken into custody by the military and held indefinitely without trial if he/she is suspected of being a terrorist. And what does he or she have to do to be suspected? Have a cache of bombs in his basement? Sure - but a supply of more than 7 days of food will do.

The Egyptian military has declared that it will decide what the new constitution will be - and it will not relinquish its control.

Canada has signed a security pact with the US that will allow its police to operate in our country.

The Pentagon is actively arming and militarizing the police.

I could go on. It all adds up to a facist state.

We are now living in a facist country. Did you know that when Diefenbaker and Pearson were prime ministers there was one press person in Parliament who handled communications? Today there are 1,500 who massage what we read and hear.

We have to revolt.  The definition of facism is when the state and corporation go to bed together. This is facism. Obama is in bed with Goldman Sachs and Harper is in bed with the oil companies.

We have to occupy our country.

And we must not give up - not give up hope and not give up our freedom.

My mother has told me her story of being a young woman in Hitler's Germany - Everything was perfectly fine at first - and then one tiny right after another was stripped away - so gradually that it was hard to notice until suddenly it was too late.

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