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Friday, December 9, 2011



I just put my back out. So not fun!

I wish I knew how but I wasn't even doing anything - walked down the hall and bang, I was on my knees.

I haven't put my back out in about two years, which is really very good. But darnitall, I want to never ever put it out again. It's just so damn incapacitating and incredibly painful and inconvenient.

Okay - yes, I have now finished whining and I will get on with my life, counting my blessings, thinking of those even less fortunate and other such bullsh*t.

I remember once, maybe 20 years ago when I had put out my back so badly I couldn't even begin to stand upright - I had planned a hike up Mount Seymour - did it anyway.

That was when I was younger. So, now that I am older and supposedly wiser, I shall consider my planned hike on the Extension Ridges tomorrow morning. Yup - I'm going anyway.

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