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Thursday, December 29, 2011


It's a day to celebrate.

For many reasons - but let's start with the obvious one: my landlords' oldest daughter is getting married today. I am going to iron (yes iron for heaven's sake!) my dress - one of three that I own - and I'm going to put on my dancing shoes and I am going to celebrate their love, hope and optimism - and celebrate the fact that I believe they have reason to be happy, hopeful and optimistic.

There may be a struggle ahead of us, but I believe it is one we are going to win. Oh yes, let me elaborate: by "we" I mean all of us - humankind.

I am celebrating this declaration document:

because it shows what truth, beauty and justice we are capable of - and I believe this truth, beauty and justice will prevail.

Love will always triumph over evil.

I celebrate life - every breath is a celebration.

I celebrate that the length of day has increased today over yesterday and tomorrow will be another 46 seconds longer.

I celebrate the big things and the small things. I know and understand that I am blessed. And I am grateful.

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