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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Play Dates

Yes - this photo is from the last time Abby's BFF, Ocean came over for a play date/sleepover - I am now waiting for Ocean to arrive for another of those dates. In other words, I am girding my loins.

I plan to take them for a run as soon as Ocean arrives. Then I will put them on the deck for an hour with marrow bones. Then I hope they are ready for a short nap (ha!!). Then I plan on a 90 minute walk in the park in hopes of tiring them out just a bit before my telephone interview and at least an hour's worth of work.

Yes - they are active. Yes, they like to play together and yes, I have to give up the idea of any sort of order in the house, especially the idea of throw rugs staying in their rightful places.

Tomorrow I repeat the process.

It's a jolly good thing I love Ocean and that Ocean really, really likes being here.

It's going to be a busy week.

I am thrilled that I finished all my Christmas shopping today - online and it all aids a non-profit that is local and that I feel really really good about.

So - everything I have done this season I have done for charity, whether in my name or someone else's. And I kind of think that maybe this is the way it should be. If I really want to occupy this season, I am going to occupy Christmas - keep it local and keep it away from the accumulation of more stuff.

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