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Monday, December 5, 2011

Stress-free work

Here's another nice thing about being semi-retired. When the appointment I made for an interview falls through, I don't mind nearly as much as I used to.

Used to be I'd have three or four telephone interviews set up each day and if someone was a "no-show" it pretty much threw my schedule out of kilter. Today I had a no-show and just calmly and happily re-scheduled for the afternoon. No big deal because I have only one interview today - and, so far, none for the rest of the week. Ah stress-free bliss!

I read an article this morning outlining the seven things we can do to keep our brains functioning well into old age - the key being keeping the connections between different parts of our brains in good shape.

I have six out of seven going strong: exercise, low-stress, friends - etc. etc. The one thing they mentioned that I shudder at is taking estrogen. I mean really, when will the drug companies stop trying to foist this stuff on us telling us it's good for something - without, of course, mentioning all the harm it does?

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