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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well no - I'm not there yet. This photo is from 2010 - I don't think I've been there since.

And even today, Vancouver itself will be peripheral. I'm going to hang out with my best friends for the evening - my fellow witches. It happens pretty rarely now. It used to be once a month when we all lived in the same city. Now we're scattered  - as far away as California. But we still manage to get together for good food and even better conversation. And laughs.

There's something amazing about the love and support of people who really know you inside and out - people you can trust with your heart - people you care about - people who are not afraid to hand out tough love when that is the support that is required.

So - I am off to the big city and I'm keeping an eye on the ferry system - no sailing cancellations allowed.

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