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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Power Out

The question, of course, is what do you do when the power goes out? On a workday no less?

At about 8.50 a.m. the lights went pffft and my battery backup started to beep. Enough time to complete and send my email and to shut down the computer. Then what?

I have an ordinary phone for just such occasions so I was able to do my interview. Then what? I'll tell you what - then I discover how dependent I am on electricity.

I took Abby for a walk - nothing but foot power involved.

Came back home and read - finished a History of Canada (excellent) and now am reading a bit of fluff (not so excellent) Had to sit close to the window to get enough light.

Lunch time came - plugged in the toaster. Oh wait! That isn't going to work. Stuck bread into gas oven - it didn't get toasty but at least it was warm. Ate and read the paper by candle light. Am now missing my tunes and Facebook updates. After lunch - a nap. Wake up - power is on! Whew!

First things first - switch on computer. Check email, Twitter and Facebook.

At least now I know my priorities.


  1. hahaha, this is where a smart phone comes in handy ;)

  2. yes - I have one of those...... I used it to get an update form BC Hydro - hehehe