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Sunday, January 15, 2012

66 Mile Trestle

The truth is that I thoroughly enjoyed our day hiking - but I should also note that the experience also needs to be described using that dread word - "interesting."

Let me pose this question for the umpteenth time: why is the Trans Canada trail so poorly marked as to be totally misleading?

Okay - now I got that off my chest. Let me explain. Two weeks ago we drove to the Kinsol trestle and then hiked about 15 kilometres west along the (as marked) Cowichan Valley Trail, part of the Trans Canada Trail.

Terrific. This week we drove to Skutz Falls but as we were heading down the road to the park we crossed the TC trail - the same trail - but farther west by a wee bit - as the one we had been on. Whoa, said I. Let's park right here - this is where we want to be. And so we did and we started to walk. About 6 or so kilometres into our hike we were puzzled that we had not yet come across a trestle. We found a couple hiking toward us and asked them.

Oh no, they explained, you have to drive three more kilometres from where you are parked to Skutz Falls and that's where you pick up the Trans Canada Trail.

So (get this) there are apparently two Trans Canada Trails that run parallel - huh???


So we trudged back, drove to Skutz falls and hiked east from there to the trestle (very impressive). What's also very cool is the trail system in the area that we just began to explore - needs a lot more looking into. Beautiful trails hanging over the edge of the canyon - and the canyon is very impressive.

We'll be back - but not before I thoroughly study the trail system - particularly the dual TC trails. Fool that I am I'm going to try to make some sense of it all.

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