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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still Snow etc.

Yes, there is still snow on the ground. The good news is that it seems to be going away - slowly, mind you. but still - any centimetre less is cause to celebrate.

In fact, I was brave enough to go out in my car this morning (collective gasp) to do the grocery shopping. I bought a lot of stuff - enough to keep Abby and I in steak and cabbage respectively in case we get another big dump. But I think not. I survived the roads (yay!). Bless those snow tires!

So, being inside with nothing on my mind but whether I should watch Ides of March today and how warmly I should dress to take Abby to the park, I got to thinking. I thought about the Keystone Pipeline (one for our side until the next round - and there will be a next round), SOPA and PIPA (another one for our side) and other things we are protesting. I thought about Occupy. I have come to the conclusion that these protests are important. We must make our voices heard. We may not have the money of the multi national corporations but we vote.

One of the secrets of creating a democracy (and we do have to create it - what we live in now is facism) is that we must vote. When you sit at home and say, "What's the use - they're all corrupt anyway" you give your power away. Each individual is incredibly powerful. We must not lose sight of that. And we have to take it one step farther. We actually have to run for office and practice what we speak about.

I had a few other thoughts this morning - but I can always save those for another time. I love the life I live. I really do.

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