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Monday, January 30, 2012

Being Vegan

Interesting conversation this morning about what we eat.

I wish I could say that I have every reason to be "holier than thou" because I'm vegan. No animals killed or mistreated on my behalf. Unfortunately that's not true. I have a dog and therefore animals are killed. My dog eats beef, chicken, buffalo and turkey - as well as eggs, sardines and my leftover organic vegetables.

I feel I have to feed my dog what is biologically appropriate for her and if I was a really "good" person, I wouldn't own a pet - at least not an omnivorous pet.

But I love dogs and so I make a compromise. At least I don't feed her processed foods. She gets meat raw and fresh and when I can get it, straight from a local farm. She also gets free range eggs from a local farm. I do my best. It's not perfect.

Getting back to human diets, I won't preach (well, not too much) about what people should and should not eat but I think it's obvious to almost everyone that we consume too much meat and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables. Imagine what a difference we could make on this planet if we had just two meatless days a week. Such a simple change.

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