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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Power House

I finally had lunch at Power House Living Foods in Nanaimo. I've been dying to try out this place that's been getting so much buzz - and for several reasons.

1. I'm vegan and it's vegan - nuff said.

2. I'd been hearing rave reviews even from confirmed meat eaters and even from kids who tend to be suspicious of all food that's "different"

3. I've been hearing about raw food for a year now - and my curiosity is huge.

So - here I am at Power House and I really want to give them a big message. Two words: "More Seating!!!"

Okay - that's my only criticism. I ordered lunch for both of us: Italian pizza for me and pesto pizza for Jim - method in my madness - we share the orders.

Presentation: perfect 10. It looks beautiful - all red and green with flecks of white on a shiny white plate. The crust - my gosh, what's in this crust? Jim nails it down when he says the flavour is reminiscent of falafel - so yes, falafel married to pumpernickel. Magnificent. On top are cherry tomatoes and the freshest, prettiest spinach leaves I have ever seen. I still have no idea what the sauce is - certainly delicious pesto on one - tomatoes on the other but there's more - something that tastes vaguely like humus but more "cheesy." I suspect almond cream or something like that. Fabulous.

When we are done the restaurant has emptied and we have time to talk to Toni - the owner. She offers us some kale chips, which I have heard so much about and have been dying to try. Well - they are everything they have been advertised to be and more: crisp, yummy and imbued with nuts, nutritional yeast and other goodies. Warning - these are addictive.

We chat with Toni for a while. She is a living, breathing advertisement for the health and energy benefits of raw food. And I haven't even tried one of their drinks yet. (but I will - oh yes, I will.)

I think Power House is taking Nanaimo by storm - and rightly so. I can hardly wait to go back.

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