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Monday, January 9, 2012

It's the Little Things

I have not yet given up news - not completely. Although I am lingering longer on good things and skimming headlines on bad things - in other words, I am skimming a lot.

What gets me and keeps me on an even keel are the small things. The older I get the more I take pleasure in the little, ordinary things in life.

Great pleasure: lunch - tomato and avocado on dark toasted rye while I read the daily paper (starting with the bridge column and the comics)

Another pleasure: a nap after lunch followed by lunch desert - an ounce of organic, fair trade dark chocolate. Discovered a new brand this week that has become my favourite: Camino.

Great pleasure: Sprawling on the couch after work (or after what might have been a work day) with a good book. Current excellent read - Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt.

Pleasure: Time spent with Abby, particularly time spent hiking with her.

Great pleasure: all-day hikes, especially when they include J and her dog.

Pleasure: home cooked dinner (or home picked from the garden) while playing online duplicate bridge.

Pleasure: folding clean laundry and putting it away.

The list could go on - but these pleasures form the frame of my life - and I am grateful that they do.

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