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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trans Canada Trail Revisited

I spent an interested morning exploring the possible routing of the Trans Canada Trail through Cedar. After much slogging, slipping and sliding (it was frosty) I have come to the conclusion that the only really feasible route is along the Harmac pipeline. And for the most part, that will actually provide a really attractive route. (see photo above.)

But there is a "but". Like every other possibility it involves crossing a river - in this case a small tributary of the Nanaimo River, not the large main river itself. The other "but" is that Harmac appears to not want people on it's right of way. See photo below.

Beyond the gate, if you can read it, are strongly worded "no trespassing" signs.

If we can use the pipeline, we have a nice route all the way from the bridge on the highway at Nanaimo River Crossing almost as far as the Duke Point Ferry Terminal.

So - I propose that Harmac, in a gesture of goodwill and general neighbourliness, build a bridge for us across the river and open it's right of way to us. How could they possibly object?

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