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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The TC Trail

One of my new volunteer efforts is helping to route the TC trail through Cedar - creating a circle route through the area that then leads back to Nanaimo with a spur ending at the Duke Point Ferry Terminal. I know the trails of the area as well as anyone so it's a good fit.

I had a very soggy walk at the Nanaimo River Park this morning, which led to lengthy Google-earthing (is that a verb?) to determine the best routes. One of the problems with the TC trail on Vancouver Island thus far is its propensity to be routed on the shoulders of roads and the highway. Highways and roads are not trails, so I really want to avoid this.

It seems to me that the trail heading north from Ladysmith runs into a serious problem when it hits the Nanaimo River - no bridge. But it's fine up to Spruston Road. So - take the trail down Spruston and across the highway to the parking area just north of the rest stop. There the TC can pick up the trail that leads into the Nanaimo River Park and from there connect (via rural roads or?) to Morden Colliery. That trail then needs a bridge across the river and then a connection to the continuation of the MC trail.

The idea then is for the trail to skirt York Lake (a whimsical name for the swamp behind the 49th Parallel) and hook up with the Harmac Pipeline trail to go out to Duke Point - although I also think the trail can hook up on the west side of the highway with the Jack Point trail.

As far as going back to Nanaimo, I think the trail probably has to follow the land between Cedar Road and the Duke Point Highway.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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