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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Trails

Any trail is a happy trail in my book. I love exploring new trails -  waiting for the surprise that lurks around the corner - and discovering new beauty. Nature never ceases to astonish me!

To that end, I am meeting this afternoon with some TCT folks and some Regional District people to look at routing the TC trail through Cedar. I've had this on my mind quite a bit lately - looking for the best route. In my mind, the "best" route is certainly not the fastest - it's the most scenic and the one that will keep users off the roads. On Vancouver Island far too much of the trail is routed along the shoulders of roads - even the highway! That's not a trail!

The major obstacle to completing the trail on this part of the island has always been the Nanaimo River. I think I have found a solution that doesn't require a crossing and so - no expensive bridge. We'll see how it flies. I welcome suggestions on routes from others as well.

And what a grand day for searching out routes - have you seen that sunshine? Yup - walking trails is a fine activity for a sunny January day.

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