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Monday, February 27, 2012

More thoughts on communications

So there I was in bed this morning in that lovely place between sleeping and waking - it's a place I do a lot of my thinking - and some folks will say that certainly explains a lot.

My thoughts strayed from the Oscars (better this year than usual) to City Hall. Yes, I know, that's a pretty sad state of things - politics while not even officially awake. Okay - back to the communications manager.

Listen up City Hall - I have a revolutionary idea for you. Blog! Tweet!

There - isn't that simple. Come on folks, you did it during the election campaign. You can do it again. Let me give you a for instance. I followed quite a few would-be politicians on Twitter during the campaign - and I still follow them. But, whereas I would get say about a dozen tweets a day from Diane Brennen during the election - now it's more like one or two a week. And when she does tweet, it isn't terribly germane to issues that are "up." Haven't heard a word out of John Ruttan.

And that, people, is just plain poor communications. I follow Justin Trudeau, Liberal MP, and you could take a note from his book - frequent tweets, intelligent and up to the minute communication about what's going on in Parliament. The same can be said about many senators and congressmen in the US.

So why oh why can't our elected officials keep us informed? Start a blog, get on Facebook and set up a Twitter account. Let the media people in town know where to find your blog etc. and we're off to the races. It ain't rocket science.

Just do it!

Save $140,000.


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