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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Focusing on Good News

I read a wonderful bit yesterday about the tragedy of overpopulation, especially in regard to transportation. It was a piece from the turn of the century when the horse was king of city streets. Along with horses came the worst kind of pollution: horse manure everywhere! Not to mention horse carcasses. It was getting to the point where the city no longer knew what to do with all that manure. On some empty lots it was piled 40 and 60 feet high. Then there was all that urine and all those flies!

No one back then could have predicted that the automobile would save the day.

I hope that exactly the same thing is happening right now. Human ingenuity is uncovering and discovering innovative ways - ways we can't yet imagine - to bring us out of our current oil crisis.

This kind of positive thinking is so important. I find myself getting bogged down sometimes (too often) by all the dire news in the world. And the fact is that the press relishes bad news. It comes at us from all directions. If the Law of Attraction is as accurate as it is purported to be (and I believe it is) then it's little wonder we are in dire straits - it's what we focus on.

My question is, how do I keep myself reasonably well informed and working toward the causes I care about, while remaining upbeat? I don't want to be in denial. I don't think being Pollyanna is the answer. It's about staying solution focused. It's about envisioning the outcome I want to achieve.

Staying positive in a negative world is a challenge. I'm working on meeting it.

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