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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wet and Windy

Well, it wasn't a full-on hike today, but it was a two hour walk around Cable Bay and it was wet! Really wet!

I was wishing I had a wood-burning stove or fireplace to cuddle up to when I got home. No such luck. But I do have lunch and the Daily News to look forward to.

This is a ritual I absolutely adore. My lunch (the usual - tomato and avocado on rye) while I read the Daily News cover to cover - starting at the back with bridge and comics, then progressing to the editorial page and then the front cover.. What I don't get to over lunch, I save for the next morning.

Then a nap after lunch - which has to be on the couch, never in bed - and then chocolate after lunch - dark, organic and free trade.

I know this sounds quirky (or just plain obsessive) but we all have our strange ways of being and humans, like dogs, are creatures who love habits. Maybe that's why humans and dogs have had such strong bonds for so long. We have our morning routines and our bedtime routines and even our computer routines.

I rotate my clothing, especially my underwear and socks so that everything gets an equal amount of wear. I even rotate my towels. I know - too much information.

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  1. Even if we can walk on our own property, when we choose, I still miss the Cable Bay trail and others that we walked in and around Nanaimo.