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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Enough Already!

There are days when I honestly think I can't take it any more.

Even when I just skim through the headlines - they make my heart ache.

I want to hear and read different things. I want to read about lives that were saved, about animals that are well cared for, about people who help other people in need, about the rich giving to the poor, about the downtrodden getting a hand up, about rains falling on the parched desserts, about real democracy being enacted, about natural foods being grown by farmers and sold at a reasonable price, about the cost of living going down, about governments caring first and foremost for the people of their country.

Is it too much to ask?

Today M and C had their first baby - a beautiful new life in the world and I pray that he grows up to have a beautiful life in a beautiful world. Several years ago I interviewed Robert Bateman for a book I was writing and I remember one thing he said above all. He was talking about his travels in Africa and said how lucky he was to have lived in a world where you could still see and wonder at its beauty.

I hope we have not entirely lost that.

I hope we never will. But if we are to keep the beauty and wonder that we have, we shall have to work for it and fight for it. We shall have to fight against corporate greed. Perhaps, most of all, we shall have to fight against our own apathy and avarice.

We must change the way we live. We must stop worshipping the gods of "stuff." Let us love one another instead - one another and this precious planet we live on.

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