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Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunny Monday

There's something wonderful about sitting in front of my computer on a Monday morning, gazing out the window just to my left, and seeing the fields below me flooded with sunshine.

And, just to add spice to my morning viewing, the garbage men picking up the garbage (what else) and heaving it mightily into their truck.

Yup, the excitement in the country here never ends.

I have a bit more work to do this afternoon and then I'm done for the day. Next week I'm going to sort out my charity giving for the Christmas season. I suspect that the SPCA will get the bulk of my donations but I also like to have cash on hand for Sally Ann kettles. We'll see. I'm indulging in a new pleasure - watching money being popped into my bank account on the 28th of every month by the government. It may not be much but it's way better than a kick in the pants. And with my modest lifestyle, it does me very well indeed.

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