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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The World

I remember when the Berlin Wall fell. I cried. I don't think anything brings me to tears more quickly than the glory of the human spirit when it rises to meet challenges - humans struggling for freedom, truth and justice - against odds - humans helping their fellow humans - the spirit shining through.

And so today, I read avidly about what is happening in Egypt - Tunisia - Yemen - about a movement that is spreading across the Middle East - a movement that is about freedom and justice. I believe in the people. I believe they (we) will win and I believe we can make this movement global.

Make no mistake - we too must fight for our freedom, which is today in intense danger, besieged by big business, big banks and big power.

The real power is we, the people - all we have to do is remember that. That is what people like Mubarak (and Monsanto? and.....) are so afraid of. They know that they can only hold on to power as long as we allow them to - as long as we pretend we are powerless. We are not.

I stand today with my brothers and sisters in Egypt. They are showing us the way.

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