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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The man - a meeting

The meeting - at last! So, let's start by cutting to the chase. Yes, we are going to meet again and yes we are making all sorts of plans.

Two days - his dogs are wonderful and Abby was the consummate hostess, sharing all her toys and inviting them to play. She showed them all her favourite spots in the back 40, took them on a day-long hike up a mountain and even shared her bed (well, she does have more than one).

Speaking of sharing beds. You'd like to know, wouldn't you? (and you actually think I'm going to tell?) He's intelligent, highly educated, extremely fit and, best of all, we share all the same values - caring about the environment, social justice and so on. And he walks his talk, creating a sustainable organic farm on his acreage and so on.

We also argue - and we do it well. We really like each other. We have also agreed to go slowly, to build this on a strong foundation of shared values and friendship. He is eager to take the Pursuit of Excellence in January - how could he not be? We hiked for 6.5 hours - that's a very long introductory session!

What's next? Christmas together.

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