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Saturday, December 25, 2010


What else is there to say really, except Merry Christmas!

I wish for the peace, love and joy that fills much of the world at this time of year, to linger throughout the next twelve months. Imagine how different the world would be!

For me, a single person living alone, with family in Ontario, Christmas Day is really about a day of peace and relaxation. Tomorrow is my big day. The doors to Valhalla Pure open at ten a.m. and I'll be there and I'll be heading straight for the Icebreaker rack! I am going to treat myself to every single thing I want with no holds barred. What fun!

Then it's off to Chapters and then a very fast cruise through Woodgrove Centre, ostensibly to see what is on sale, but in truth to buy more dark chocolate at Bernard Callebaut.

Love and peace to all.

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