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Friday, December 24, 2010


Yesterday - and the day before, if the truth be told, I was having second thoughts - maybe even regrets - about telling M there would be no romance in our future. Perhaps I'd made the wrong choice. Perhaps I should have given it more time. After all, we could have spent Christmas together - and wouldn't that be better than spending Christmas alone?

And then I thought back to his kiss and I found myself pulling back. "No!" my mind shouted. "You did not make the wrong decision." And then I had one of those lovely flashes of insight that puts a huge smile on my face. I recalled, in one nanosecond, all the decisions I have made about men in my life - and there are actually an awful lot now that I think of it - all the "no" choices, many of which, in retrospect, I have had second thoughts about, and I realized that I have made the right decision every single time. I have trusted my instincts, relied on my heart, and have made the best choice for me in every case - and that includes in this most recent instant as well.

Now, isn't that enough to make anyone smile? I trust myself to make the right choices in life.

This morning's thought was about happiness. I am happy. Every day my happiness grows. Now - listen to this - I think that making ourselves happy is very possibly the biggest and most important job we have on this planet. I'm not talking about a quick burst of happiness when we buy a new toy; I'm talking about genuine, deep-rooted, heart-felt happiness. When I feel that deep happiness, it permeates every cell of my body, and science knows that our thoughts affect the very structure of our cells. So - if I am happy, I am building happy cells and when those cells become something else (we build an entire new body of cells every seven years), then happiness is being scattered into the world. At the same time, wave lengths of happiness are radiating out from my body and penetrating all the matter and energy in the universe.

Happiness may well be our most potent weapon for peace on earth.

So come on - get happy!

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