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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Few things are as glorious as a very strenuous hike up a mountain, with 40 minutes of it being very steep and taxing on your legs and your cardiovascular system. This is especially true when the hike is through an elfin forest so beautiful you really do expect magical creatures to come popping out from behind a moss covered boulder - and then to reach such a delightful view at the top. When you complete that hike with a good friend and two very happy dogs - well, it doesn't get much better.

And afterwards? The rewards go far beyond being relieved that it's all over and you're still in one piece. Oh yes - far beyond. First, there's the deep, dark organic chocolate bar in the car on the way home; second, there's checking email to find a message from the man; third, a bubble bath.

A day doesn't get much more perfect than that.

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