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Monday, February 21, 2011

What's Next?

Sad to hear that another staff member is leaving. Such a great company - such an amazing boss who everyone loves - how could we not? And yet, the company is losing people.

And speaking of work - I find it incredibly frustrating when people "forget" their interviews leaving me with a morning of twiddling my thumbs followed by an afternoon of crazy, flat-out work that goes well into the evening. The nature of the beast? Perhaps. But it's also frustrating (and here's where it begins) when stories aren't assigned until the very last minute. If the deadline for assignments is Friday, everything comes in on Friday - and that's just bad planning.

I know there is a better system and a better way - but to change, it takes first, an attitude that wants change and second, communication between all parties - seeking for mutual help and understanding.

Is this just a Monday morning rant?


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