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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Seal Hunt

I hear distant rumblings once again about the seal hunt - and how awful it is that the EU bans our seal products.

Good for the EU! Three cheers!

Do you get the impression that I don't support the seal hunt? I also don't support the slaughter of dolphins in Japan or the hunting of whales. I reject every economic argument you can throw at me. If the only way people can make ends meet is by cruelly killing innocent creatures (while their mothers watch) then we simply have to find another way to make ends meet.

It's morally wrong.

Lately I have heard a great deal of publicity about the dolphin slaughter - thanks to a documentary film that I can't bring myself to watch (having seen the trailer). I want to continue to focus the same spotlight on our seal hunt. It's just as awful. Those young seals are sitting targets - they don't have a chance.

Why is so much of mankind so insensitive and cruel and inhumane to the beautiful creatures we share this planet with? And I include cows, pigs and chickens in that question. Yes - and other human beings as well. When we kill - when we take life - something happens inside. Life becomes less sacred - when we approach every interaction from the heart, we will not harm or kill.

We must approach life from the heart. How else?

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