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Friday, February 4, 2011

American Idol

I confess - I really like American Idol (I hesitate to use the word "love" - I fear that may be taking my addiction a step too far.)

I like the happiness - rarely watch the dud auditions (I watch everything on YouTube so I can be very selective). I like to watch the joy, the happiness and the excitement. I like seeing people taking concrete steps toward their dreams.

I admit that I love (okay - like) Simon Cowell - I can't recall ever disagreeing with one of his assessments. That said, J Lo and Steven Tyler are good. And really, it's all about the people.

So - there it is - my confession - my time waster. And given the myriad ways I could waste time, it's not all that bad. Of course, I could also get profoundly philosophical about the entire notion of "wasting time" but I won't waste your valuable time by getting into it.

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