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Friday, November 12, 2010


As I was walking through the autumn woods this morning with Abby, my thoughts turned to purpose - as in life purpose. I'm sure this must be the one millionth time I've thought about my life purpose - and that's probably only a very slight exaggeration.

Yes, I've done the self development programs (most notably the Excellence Series: and I have revealed "purpose." I know that my purpose is to fully be who I am etc. etc. but I was thinking about purpose in a much larger sense. Perhaps the word I am looking for is "legacy" more than purpose.

I look at my life and realize it is quiet and quite ordinary. I don't sit down in front of this blog every day (or nearly every day) and start describing great, spine-tingling, chill-inducing, death-defying adventures. The reason I don't is because I'm not having any. Not that I'm complaining - I love my life. But my mind occasionally turns to people like Greg Mortenson and Mother Theresa and Ghandi and dozens of others and I think, "There was a life lived with purpose, vision and passion. There was a legacy left to the world."

What about my legacy? What will I leave behind?

I don't have the answer but the search is, I think, a worthwhile quest. Coincidentally (ha!) I stopped by Chapters right after our hike and picked up a book titled, "A Dog's Purpose." It's the story of a dog searching for his purpose through multiple lives. Excellent. And then Pam Lewis gave me "Mind Power," a book she said would blow my mind.

Excellent. Ask and it shall be given.I also picked up a French/English dictionary and two German language books. I think I'll start practicing German by asking my mother if we can please stick to German, however pitiful my efforts are, when we talk on the phone each week. I resisted the thought originally - even that slight favour makes me feel vulnerable around her and that's a "no-no" for me. I decided to change my mind about that. I don't have to be a victim of my childhood.  64 seems an appropriate age to grow up and get over myself.

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