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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I had a quiet Eureka moment last night about an hour after French class. I realized that I am not meant to be studying French - I should be learning German! (or at least perfecting my German.)

Now I'm not saying that learning French is a waste of time. Learning is never a waste and I am enjoying it and will continue to get a great deal of benefit from it. But when I travel in Europe I tend to stay in Switzerland where German is spoken - at least it is the the Berner Oberland where the best hiking is. My relatives live in Germany and speak German. German is the language I grew up in - wouldn't it be nice to get my vocabulary up to scratch - and my grammar - and my pronunciation?

I'm far more excited about German than I am about French - or any other language really.

What a delightful thing to realize so early on. So, in the New Year, I shall switch to German. In the meantime, j'etude le Francaise et je suis heureux.

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