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Monday, November 22, 2010

Law of Attraction

Today I had the great pleasure of interviewing Judy Basso of Judy Basso Events & Decor in Kamloops. This is a woman who could be an inspiration for anyone. Twenty-one years ago, when hardly anyone had heard of the term "event planner," she became one.

Recently she won the Best Wedding award for 2010 for all of BC. Her secret? The Law of Attraction. She doesn't just believe in the law and practice is - she lives and breathes it - it is an integral part of her life. As a result, in 21 years, 100 percent of her clients have given her rave reviews - and that ranges from weddings to corporate affairs, galas and fundraisers. In her life, there are no challenges, just opportunities to prove how creative and organized she is. She is enthusiastic and positive and because she operates from a ground of such faith and knowing that she will receive exactly what she asks for, she also operates from a ground of extreme confidence - and, of course, confidence means expecting ideal results - and she gets what she expects.

We can all emulate her. Every one of us. Believe you will receive all the best life has to offer, live your passion - and you shall receive.

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