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Monday, July 2, 2012

Gratitude #55

The trick is not to let the rain and cold get you down. I was just sitting here, bemoaning the July weather (juluary) when a lovely sunny photo I recently took at Maple Mountain popped up on my wallpaper. Ah yes, said I, the sun has been here and it is coming back.

So today, I will celebrate the ultimate stay-at-home and do nothing long weekend holiday. Tomorrow I will work and perhaps the day after or the day after that the sun will shine. It will be warm. We will have summer - and it will seem all the better because we waited for it for so long.

Now that I have a day of not working in the garden as I had fully intended to do, I could tackle other things - things to do inside the house. I could, for instance, clean out the fridge and get rid of all the little green aliens lurking in the far corners and inside ancient jars of mustard. I could - probably won't though. Oh - by the way folks, if you ever feel like giving me a present (graciously accepted at all times), don't make it chow chow or pickles or anything else you put in jars. I have never understood the purpose of these things. I believe people put these relishes on meat - I don't eat meat. Even if (and when) I did, I still don't get it. They taste either too sweet or too salty and contain foods that are often perfectly good eaten in their fresh raw state. For some reason, every summer, someone gives me a homemade jar of preserved something that looks pretty mushy and could well contain the stuff I cleaned out of my fridge last year. So don't do it.

Cash is good.

So are books

And hugs.

And smiles.

Did I mention cash?

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